Are You Motivated or Dedicated?

“When motivation is lost, remember your dedication.”

I have these words written on my whiteboard beside my desk as a reminder to stay true to my goals.

So, what do those words mean?


Motivations come from a place of want and longing. It could be wanting to avoid financial losses or getting sick. Maybe it is to have a strong marriage, a successful business you own or a happy family. Whether they are abstract or physical concepts motivation is the desire.

Of course, motivation can also come from within. From having a sense of a greater purpose. A desire to be a force of change for this world.

Motivation is a must-have in life and it is necessary. It is our motivations that get us started on paths to change and achieving our goals. However, motivations are not always able to get us through to the end. They are the things we long after and hope to have or achieve one day.  

What happens when things start to get difficult? When it feels like those outcomes might not ever happen? When it seems like the journey to get there is going to take a lot more from you then you think you have to give to it.

It is in these moments that our motivations start to falter. We begin to think it’s impossible and start looking for shortcuts which never pan out, or look for ways to settle. For example; you just managed to make 60k in your business, so ‘let’s leave it at that…why push for the initial 100k that seems too far off now’. You found a decent partner who loves you. Who cares if it isn’t exciting and passionate like you thought you wanted?

The problem with only relying on motivation is that it can waver and likely will. As any journey goes, there will be roadblocks and setbacks. There will be a time when your motivation, that desire for a certain outcome, falters.

Enter Dedication.


To be dedicated is to be committed to something. Whether that be a task or a purpose. It is about remaining loyal to it.

When I think about ‘dedication’ it isn’t about whether I think it’s a possibility, how close or far it is from being accomplished, or what roadblocks popped up. To me, it’s two simple questions.

  1. Am I willing to let all the work, time, energy and resources that I have already dedicated to this purpose go to waste?

  2. Seriously, do I want this or not?

By asking the first question; it puts into perspective how far you have come and the other obstacles you have had to overcome as well. There isn’t one journey that comes without a little bump in the road. Once you’ve realized you’ve come so far already, you’re likely to want to keep going. No one wants to waste their time, energy or money on something that didn’t happen.

The second question ‘Do I want this?’ forces honesty. It’s either yes or no. If the answer IS no and you are HAPPY with not obtaining your goal, then walk away. Most likely though it is yes. The thing with this question is it doesn’t leave room for excuses or doubt on the possibility of obtaining it. It’s not asking if you think it is possible or when it’ll happen. It’s just asking if you want it.

Dedication is about sticking it out no matter what. It’s about finding a way through, getting out of your comfort zone and doing whatever it takes to achieve your success.

I explained this to someone and they were like isn’t that the same thing?


Motivation is about desire. A want or need for something. Dedication is about doing. It’s about being committed and going to task to make it happen.

Knock-Out Combo

To achieve your goals, it’s not about having dedication over motivation but having a balance. You need both. One, motivation, get’s the ball rolling. It puts you in a different state of mind to say you want something different, you want to achieve something great. While the other, dedication, keeps you focused, keeps you in action and ensures you see the journey through.

Having both is important to your success and achievement. However, when your motivation falters allowing your dedication to kick in doesn’t hurt. In fact, it ensures that you continue to work on it and what you will find is that eventually, the motivation kicks back in.

So, when motivation is lost, remember your dedication.

Many blessings and love always,

Renesha Marc